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Yoga Cycle - Pure Conciousness
Yoga Cycle - Pure Conciousness Yoga Cycle

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Yoga Cycle - Pure Conciousness: In modern times, people the world over are ever more drawn towards the ancient science of Yoga and Meditation in order to relieve physical and mental stress. Yoga practice has its roots deeply embedded in the Indian sub-continent where it is associated with meditative practices in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Practiced widely in varied forms, the primary aim of Yoga is to help attain physical and mental discipline through various practical techniques.... Read More

: SRCD 138
: Sona Rupa
: .
: Rakesh Chaurasia - Flute, Ulhas Bapat - Santoor


  1. Daybreak- Raag Malaymarutam 9:36
  2. Sweet Morning – Raag Jansamohini 9:47
  3. Peaceful Dusk – Raag Bhupali 9:57
  4. Tender Evening – Raag Hansdhwani 9:47
  5. Mother Divine – Raag Durga 9:55
  6. Joyous Farewell – Raag Des 9:39
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