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Swar Sangati new
Swar Sangati new

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Swar Sangati - Swar is a musical note and Sangati is togetherness. Choral singing is an alien concept in Indian classical, contemporary and folk music and thus, it is rarely performed or heard in the Indian Sub-Continent outside of the Christian Church. In the western world, the church and choir singing are synonymous with the highest art form of singing the praise of the almighty. The concept here is of the unison of notes that make a musical... Read More

: SRCD 118
: Sona Rupa
: Ashit Desai and Chorus


  1. Ish Vandana
  2. He Maa Sharda
  3. Ek Vaar Shyam
  4. Maadi Tara Mandiriye
  5. Alap ni Ekaj Ratana
  6. Daan De
  7. He Maa Jagrut Tha
  8. Naad Brahm Jaago
  9. Bhari De
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