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Rajan & Sajan Mishra - Sadhana
Rajan & Sajan Mishra - Sadhana

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A Sadhana is a ritual prayer that can be in the form of chanted meditation .The purpose being to help to pacify the mind and remove internal and external obstacles. While this performance is not a sadhana in the exact sense, brothers Rajan and Sajan Mishra are renowned for their ability to create heavenly music that soothes the mind, body and soul.

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: Sense 058
: Sense
: Hansadhwani, Shahana Kanada, Suha Sugharai, Suha, Sugharai, Jhinjhoti, Charukeshi
: Rajan Mishra, Sajan Mishra, Rajal Shah & Ramkumar Mishra - Tabla, Mehmood Dhaulpuri - Harmonium
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