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Golden Moments
Golden Moments Music for Moments to Remember

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Golden Moments - Music for Moments to Remember: Music can truly be called the Soul Food of our inner senses and is a pre-requisite to our every day existence. We all possess in abundance, this unquenchable thirst for music that pleases the soul.

In all forms of music, there are moments when we are particularly drawn to melodies and tunes that resonate with the inner... Read More

: SRCD 124
: Sona Rupa
: Rakesh Chaurasia - Flute, Madhu Dhumal - Shehnai, Sunil Das - Sitar, Akhlak Hussain - Harmonium


  1. Ganesh Paath 10:09
  2. Jode Rahejo Raaj 10:35
  3. Mehndi Te Vaavi 5:17
  4. Tane Jaata Joi 6:05
  5. Swagat 5:42
  6. Akhand Soubhagyawati 10:44
  7. Tari Aankhno 9:05
  8. Bena Re 7:44
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