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Divinity - Divine Music for Meditation
Divinity - Divine Music for Meditation A Musical Journey

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"Divinity - Divine Music for Meditation" (formerly known as 'A Musical Odyssey'. Music arranged and composed by Ashit Desai. An exploration of the Divine by some of the finest musicians of their generation that showcases the beauty and sanctity of the ancient art of Indian Music. Divinity is a musical journey that truly experiences the inner soul. Gentle and soothing instrumental music that will relax and relieve... Read More

: SRCD 026A
: Sona Rupa
: Rakesh Chaurasia, Rupak Kulkarni, Sunil Das, Ulhas Bapat, Madhu Dhumal, Shambhaji Dhumal


  1. Awakening - based on raag Khamaj 10:41 min
  2. Enlightenment - based on raag Desh 7:26 min
  3. Homage - based on raag Gara 7:50 min
  4. Serenety - based on raag Pahadi 6:02 min
  5. Elation - based on raag Jaijaivanti 4:29 min
  6. Devotion - based on raag Yaman Kalyan 8:04 min
  7. Harmony - based on raag Hansdhwani 7:44 min
  8. Solace - based on raag Darbari 7:16 min
  9. Eternity - based on raag Bhairavi 7:40 min
  10. Bliss - based on raag Rageshri 6:46 min
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