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Chalisa Darshan
Chalisa Darshan

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Chalisa Darshan Featured in this CD are a garland of the most famous and popular "Chalisas" of modern times: the Gayatri Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa, Ram Chalisa, Krishna Chalisa and Shiv Chalisa, accompanied by their appropriate "Aartis".

"Chalisa" means forty and all are composed of forty verses. Each is dedicated to a specific... Read More

: SRCD 105
: Sona Rupa
: Ashit Desai, Hema Desai, Alap Desai, Devaki Pandit, Sanjeev Abhyankar


  1. Gayatri Chalisa - Devaki Pandit
  2. Gayatri Arti - Devaki Pandit
  3. Hanuman Chalisa - Sanjeev Abhyankar
  4. Hanuman Aarti: Sanjeev Abhyankar
  5. Krishna Chalisa - Hema Desai
  6. Krishna Arti - Alap Desai
  7. Ram Chalisa - Alap Desai
  8. Ram Arti - Hema Desai
  9. Shiv Chalisa - Ashit Desai
  10. Shiv Arti - Ashit Desai
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