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Divinity 7 - Music for Devotion and Meditation
Divinity 7 - Music for Devotion and Meditation Music for devotion and meditation

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Divinity 7 - Music for devotion and meditation: Whilst the first ever instrumental disc in the Sona Rupa record-label series, Divinity, introduced new compositions of well-known, much loved age-old Bhajans; truly a sublime rendition of our prayers in music, Divinity2 traversed similar grounds but highlighted the sacredness of particular musical instruments and the Indian classical raags frequently used in Bhajans... Read More

: SRCD 122
: Sona Rupa
: Rakesh Chaurasia-Flute, Sunil Das-Sitar, Ulhas Bapat-Santoor, Zarin Daruwala-Sarod, Bhavani Shankar


  1. Gayatri Mantra 11:13
  2. Shri Krishna Govind 9:15
  3. Aisi Laagi Lagan 9:03
  4. Itna To Karna Swami 3:44
  5. Prabhuji Tum Chandan 6:25
  6. Jai Radha Raman 8:45
  7. Rang De Chunariya 10:11
  8. Swaminarayan Hari Hari 9:30
  9. Jheeni Bhini Chadariya 10:41
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